Beaumes de Venise “Alliance” Birth of a Bottle


Late 2013, Balméens winemakers decided to create a new emblazoned wine bottle going from Beaumes de Venise to A.O.P Beaumes de Venise (red). Winemakers envisage a coat of arms representing the 4 municipalities which form A.O.P. Beaumes de Venise:

Beaumes: Lafare; La Roque Alric; and Suzette. As a result, the coat of arms containing all or part of the coat of arms of each village was born:

* For Beaumes of Venise:

The 3 golden Taus symbolizing the reunification of the 3 Christian communities of Beaumes: Saint Veran; and Aubune.

* For Lafare:

Their coat of arms is a castle under which passes a wolf. Only the wolf was used in the final coat of arms due to visual issues.

* For La Roque Alric:

Golden azure cross, with four flecks of ermine coloured sand. The cross was chosen and associated with the new Beaumes coat of arms.

* For Suzette:

Firstly, three azure golden bands, the second, golden crawling wolf. Only the wolf was used mirroring the selection from Lafare.


A ring circles the bottle touching either side of the coat of arms representing “The Alliance” between the 4 communities.


The addition of the completed emblazoned bottles was introduced on 27th May, 2015!